Fall Fashions For 2010

If you are going back to school this year, you will see many new styles. Designers have taken a large leap with some of their creations. The best thing about these multiple looks is that they were designed with the average person in mind. Most of these looks will work for anyone, tall and short alike.

The shades of these fashions will repeat similar patterns or seasonal autumn colors. These shades will include dark grays, reds, orange and dark blue. Footwear will remain neutral like the Bearpaw brown boot.

Blouse styles for girls will be made to show off fabric with shapes and colors taken from 1970. Metal colors and additions will also be found on women’s tops. These metal-bearing looks are from the late 1970’s rock era, featuring Iggy Pop.

Men’s shirts that will be sold in abundance include styles with plaid patterns with unusual colors such as black and grey with a lime green stripe. Traditional plaid patterns with thick flannel material worn over t-shirts will also be seen this fall.

Skinny jeans are still all of the rage for women. Men’s jeans will be a tighter fit, but not the skinny jean variety. Skinny jeans for women will be tucked into high length and mid calf length boots with short heels like the Bearpaw brand boot.

Coats for fall differ slightly from the styles of 2009. Designers have created leather looks with creative deep colors such as magenta and fuchsia. These coats and jackets also sport a new type of fringe reminiscent of old cowboy styles circa 1980. These will be available in many price points to the public.

Interesting jewelry is in fashion for autumn for both men and women. Leather and metal armbands with embedded stones have been purchased by many large chain store buyers. Earrings that are long with dark metals are going to be paired with casual and formal outfits. Headbands using feathers, fake fur and velvet will also be worn for both casual days and evenings on the town.

2010 will be a year to experiment with looks of the last 30 years. Parents will have reminiscing about outfits from their high school days when they help their children pick out outfits for going back to school. Be sure to choose quality footwear that will last through the season such as the Bearpaw boot.