Fashion Sarees in India under Western Influence

The British left India more than sixty five years ago, but the effect of the west is still boggling in our minds and that too in an enhanced form. Globalization has introduced many new forms into the typical Indian dressing sense. Among Indian fashion sarees and salwar suits, both these dresses are imbibed with the essence of globalization.
Halter neck blouses and handkerchief cut kurtas which are very common today are results of the western influence on Indian ethnic wear. These versions are today a part and parcel of our wardrobes. The diversity in the various states and union territories has led to the emergence of a unique style which is an amalgamation of western and native.
Online sarees that are seen in apparel selling sites are a live picture of the huge changes that have taken place in the dress preference of today’s woman. Day in and day out is the fashion undergoing little changes which have taken up a magnanimous height. Some examples of outside culture that have had repercussions on styling in this country are:
Traditional kurtis that were initially worn with churidars are now worn with jeans and capris. A recent development on this front is the handkerchief cut kurti which stands a tough competition to the traditional one. These are short in size and have a handkerchief type ending. Another modern version is the anarkali which is in very high demand now.
Lehenga Cholis:
Lehengas have always been a hot favorite for brides. The traditional lehenga that was worn by a bride on her wedding day and reception was embellished with embroidery. Nowadays also women adorn these elaborate dresses but these are modified into crinkled skirts which look as elegant as chic. This new version can be worn in traditional, religious and casual parties and occasions.
Half Saree:
Sarees are the most common form of ethnic dress that are worn in parties and social gatherings be it a marriage, religious function or an informal meeting. Of late a new adaptation of the conventional drape is in vogue. It is the half saree. It is predominantly worn by those ladies who find it somewhat difficult to handle the hanging sarees. It is a mixture of saree and lehenga and is capturing everyone’s attention.
The introduction of the Indo western styling has transformed the demand for ethnic wears. The young generation is now a fan of this apparel. Exotic styles and patterns that are changing the everyday look of the royal garment include various fabric and cuts.
With innovation and variation as the key to modern lifestyle glamorous designs are the fortes in the twenty first century world.
From time to time new styles are developing in the fashion world. The western influence on Indian garment is making them stylish and stately. A new design of the Indian fashion saree can evolve anywhere, anytime in the world. To adapt ourselves to the changing trends of fashion we have to be open minded and accept the modifications that take place every passing day.