How to grow your network (for fashion photographers)?

It took you a bit long to realize that you’re born for photography; and it took a little longer to decide on what exactly you want to capture through your camera and imagination.

Now that you’ve spent quite a considerable time in the fashion industry, you’ve begun to wonder how to take your career to the next level; well, the best thing that you can do to reach the upper level, you must work on your networking abilities. You need to connect with more and more people, who share your passion for fashion photography and also those who are working in the associated fields such as fashion designing and modeling. We’ve compiled a few tips from the best fashion photographers in India for the budding photographers who dream to make it big in the world of photography. You don’t need to read these tips word-by-word; just skim through them and see which ones make sense and which you can apply right away.

Build a blog
If you’ve not built a blog, then this is the time to do it. You even don’t need to shell out a single penny out of your pocket. Just head towards BlogSpot and WordPress and follow the easy steps to put your photography blog up.

A blog lets you showcase your work with the world, with peers, and with those who matter.

Work more
The more you shoot, the more people in your industry will get to know about you, and how good you’re at fashion photography. Even if you’ve only a couple of assignments, work like the best photographer on the earth, and give your 100 percent to your work.

Repeat business
It’s good to grab new assignments, but your primary focus should be on the repeat customers. The better you’ll work for them, the more frequently they’ll come to you.

Meet industry top shots on fashion portals
There are several websites that focus on fashion industry, and let fashion professionals upload their profiles and work online, and connect with other professionals from different parts of the globe. Even the best fashion photographers in India leverage on the potential of these websites and grow their network.

Last, but not the least, you should keep on working on your photographic skills; also, follow the best fashion trends in India to stay ahead of many of those who just see beyond their profession. Plus, be nice to your clients; in the end, it’s people business.