Men’s Fashion : Buying A Hoodie

The hoodie is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of western fashion today and has been at the height of teen clothing since the 1970s. Although it achieved popularity in the 1930s due to being worn by freezing cold factory laborers in New York, its history harks back to the Middle Ages, when Catholic monks wore a long hood with their robes. Today, they tend to be simply a warm sweatshirt with a hood and large pockets placed at the front of the sweatshirt.

One interesting aspect about hoodies is the variety in perception between the United States and the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, they have been regularly criticized as they tend to be associated with young gangs and groups of teenage tear-aways. In many bars and UK shopping malls, this item of clothing is actually banned. Compare this to the US, where it is the ultimate item of fashionable and casual clothing, providing protection against the wind and warmth in cold weather.

During the winter months, hoodies can provide a great amount of warmth. People living in cold climates often wear hoodies not only for their protection against the cold but for their protection against wind and rain when the hood is worn up. Hoodies are extremely comfortable and tend to be much easier to wear than other items of weatherproof clothing, making them popular all over the world for their practical uses as well as their fashionable ones. The thick cotton material provides a great deal of comfort, too.

Hoodies vary in price greatly. A discount store may have plain hoodies available for just a few dollars but some of the specialist stores or high quality online retailers may sell specialized, high grade hoodies at a more expensive price. Hoodies made by fashionable designer outlets or containing popular labels are also likely to be more expensive than a plain unbranded hoodie but are often of a higher quality and are certainly more fashionable than the unbranded style of hoodie.

Most fashion items and styles of fashionable clothing tend to disappear just as quickly as they arrived. So why has the hoodie stuck around so long? Peer pressure is a valuable thing in the fashion industry and many kids and teens wear the same items of clothing as their friends. Hoodies are comfortable, practical and offer protection against the elements like nothing else, which has ensured that the humble hoodie has not been allowed to fall out of fashion. As long as we have cold teens, we’ll have hoodies!