Penfield Spring and Summer 2011 New Introductions

(X25R2348)It is a great feeling when you know warm weather is approaching. Penfield Clothing is offering great new apparel for the Spring and Summer 2011 seasons. It is time to get outside, lounge by the pool, play some golf, hit the lake, and the list goes on. Massachusetts based clothing company Penfield Clothing offers new versions of their New England inspired attire this Spring and Summer that can fit any occasion.

The 2011 Spring and Summer Penfield Clothing collection features an array of colors in different lightweight fabrics so you can get the most of your time outside this year while not sacrificing style. In fact their clothing was featured in the January 2011 issue of GQ.

Penfield has introduced timeless designs and pleasant colors in their 2011 Spring and Summer lineup. In accordance with the aesthetics we have learned to expect in Penfield Clothing they have introduced several new outerwear pieces, knits, and warm weather garments.

Penfield Clothing is known for their jacket and outerwear selection but they really delivered an amazing selection for their 2011 Spring and Summer collection. The company prides itself in using high quality materials that are comfortable and breathable.

For the Spring and Summer 2011 Penfield has introduced 3 innovative jackets; the Walpole, Sconset and Barnstable. Each jacket is perfect for the start of Spring. The Penfield Jackets are all made from Penfield’s Clothing own water-repellent Hudson Cloth that is also wind resistant.

Penfield clothing is designed to withstand the rigors of the New England climate while; balancing fashion with function and practicality with durability; are obvious in this season’s offerings. The company has also added new colors to this season’s selection for their new jackets as well as their classic Penfield Gibson Jacket in brighter tones such as Burnt Orange and Heritage Blue.

Penfield also continues to produce their classic Lockwood Jacket and their notorious Gibson Jacket. It is not uncommon for these Penfield Jackets to sell out at retailers when they receive their first shipments. It is smart to find a place to buy your Gibson Jacket online to make sure you are one of the first to get it and suffer the frustration from the store being sold out.

The Penfield Gibson Jacket is perfect for Spring showers or those windy days on the golf course. The jacket features an adjustable hood, dual kangaroo pockets, reinforced elbows and the new Penfield Hudson Wax Cloth fabric. With the new Hudson Wax Cloth Fabric no one is going to be able to rain on your parade.

It is only appropriate that Penfield Clothing has named their 2011 Spring and Summer campaign “A Guide for Everyman,”. With their steadfast reputation and reputable products it is no wonder they felt the campaign name was fitting.

Penfield Clothing puts meticulous detail into their apparel and design. It is the small details like the engraving on the white buttons on the front of their jackets that make them so unique. Also the hand stitched leather bear is a small touch but adds a feeling of personalization to your clothing.