Wholesale Fashion Clothing And Latest Industry Trends This Year

If you are in the business of wholesale clothing for women, you will surely want to stay abreast of the latest trends in a certain season. With the upcoming summer season, you would want to supply the retailer a whole range of the latest fashion for summer wear as per the region and customer segment you cater to.

The global scene in fashion sees certain trends set to dominate the scene of wholesale fashion clothing this year, especially in summer. Whites are going to be in and this color will dominate in t-shirts, pants, jackets, skirts, dressed and even in accessories like shoes and bags. There would be floral designs on whites well as pastel shades that will pair well with white fashion clothing.

The other trend would be denims. Denim jeans will continue to rule in the domain of casual wear. There would be a large range of denim styles that will be in vogue this year. From straight fit, slim fit and relaxed fit, there would be shaded and worn out styles that will continue as part of the summer wardrobe for women. In the domain of casual wear, denims refuse to leave though capris and other cotton trouser styles will also be popular options.

The other popular choice for party wear would be flared pants. Floral prints and light weight materials would be preferred for summer lounge or party wear. Even jumpsuits in light fabrics and bright shades would be in this season. If you are a dealer in wholesale fashion clothing, you would do well to take heed of such forthcoming trends. The demand from the retailers can be met in advance if the fashion trends are followed. There are two distinct market segments that fashion wholesalers in wholesale clothing for women cater to. There is an upscale, fashion conscious segment of customers who are catered to by retailers who have specific requests. They would order in by brand names and style trends. The focus would be more on quality for the discerning customers and less on quantity. The wholesalers who focus on mass market supplies cater to retailers who wish to stock up on large quantities of popular styles and clothing that comes cheap and are profitable to sell.

This year there will be an increase in demand for whites, pastel shades of clothing and focus on light, skin friendly fabrics. The upscale market would demand clothing made from organic fabrics and would be willing to pay the extra premium for such clothing. Designer brands that are popular among the youngsters as well as among the upscale, working class would differ and retailers would stock up accordingly. Wholesalers need to provide their supplies as per such trends and segmentation in the fashion market. Predicting what would see more popularity and providing much of such supplies in good quality and quantity would help a fashion wholesaler greatly.